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James originates from the English Lake District, United Kingdom, where he grew up in a business learning environment. James has progressed on from this by choosing to work across four continents – Europe, The Middle East, Australasia and Asia, where he now resides.

With covering such a large geographical area James has observed a wide mixture of religious and cultural upbringings, on both a business and a personal level. This entailed James to obtain an abundant of business experience through submerging himself into such a diverse cultural melting pot on a global scale.

Would you like James to help you?

James allocates a large amount of his time advising and mentoring for global focused investment projects. He is currently directing his business knowledge an acumen across a multitude of businesses, based over more than 10 countries.

Whilst the majority of his current clientele are based in South East Asia, Including Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia & Thailand,

James is now opening up to accepting clients worldwide, are you interested to find out more?

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James’s Current Portfolio

James’s diversified portfolio consists of: 

 E-commerce Business – Hygiene Business –  Healthy Salad Restaurant – Tech Companies – Start-up Businesses – Ethical Investments – Stocks & Shares – Fixed Deposits – Peer to Peer Investments – ETF’s & Bonds  

Below is a categorised selection of some of the most recent business ventures James both advises for, and holds equity in.

– E-Commerce –

Latent Epicure

James founded Latent Epicure in 2014 as a home & kitchen based accessory brand. To date Latent Epicure predominantly focuses on e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, to drive tremendous growth and visibility to a worldwide audience.

The brand is currently operating throughout four continents, North America, Australasia, South East Asia, Europe & the U.K.

– Hygiene Industry –

Hygiene Hub

James co-founded Hygiene Hub, which is the elegant all-in-one hygiene solution, offering automatic hand sanitiser, a wet wipe dispenser along with a rubbish disposal bin for the used wet wipes.

Hygiene Hub is purposely designed for establishments that not only care about their customer’s hygiene but also want to do it in an elegant and luxurious way, on a subscription-based model.

– Food & Beverage –

Pimp My Salad

Real food that’s jam-packed with flavour,  Pimp My Salad is Thailand’s latest salad bar opened in the heart of the action packed CBD of Bangkok,

Offering an array of healthy dishes whilst allowing visitors to construct their own salads from scratch.

– Media & Tech Space –

Chow Social

Chow Social is a social media marketing agency that specialises in community management, content creation, and social media marketing. With the main clientele being predominantly Food & Beverage and Lifestyle brands.

When people hear the term social media their minds usually head towards Facebook & Instagram however, there are many platforms out there. Finding the ones where you can connect with your target audience of customers is the real key.

Guide Visuals

Guide Visuals is classed as one of Singapore’s leading creative media company that specialises in branded content both photography and video.

Click the link below to view some of the portfolio of exciting projects Guide Visuals has created previously.


Roquepress is a result-driven and technologically advanced digital marketing agency that aims at providing the most astonishing services in the fields of web development, business listings, and online advertising.

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